Just three of the many referrals we have documented and on file for you to review.

"It has been a pleasure to work with A O Home Solutions. Their friendly service and easy qualifying process were done with efficiency and professionalism! Thanks AOHS for being part of our home Ownership team!"   Paulette Bethel 
"I filled out the paperwork and my kids and I are in our new Rent to Own Home in less than a week. We love it. Thank you for making our new home affordable. Your service and attention is appreciated more than you know. It was easier than I thought. Thank you!"     Delilah Kelley
"We signed the paperwork and were in our new home in less than two weeks. Your quick, efficient, friendly service is super. We got the school district we needed. You guys really are great. Thanks  AO !"                Charles and Janet Selph and family

 Do You Need A Little Credit Repair Help? Best Credit Repair Service with a Guarantee

The Lease Purchase Process

Homes for sale

We have a simple process to Lease Purchase a home in Georgia. This process is much simpler, safer, and quicker than most. It protects both you and the homeowner. We have had no problems for over a decade with this system. 

A.  Find a house on our list you wish to buy and own.

B.  Choose a Financing option 1.  Lease Purchase  (the option discussed here)
                                               2.  Lease Option
                                               3.  Rent to Own
                                               4.  Owner Financing

C.  The application is free. Fill out the application under the application button at the top of the home page of this website. Send it back to me by email. The email address is listed on the application  or  aohsfirst@gmail.com

D.  Fill out the credit report. It costs just one dollar if you do it at our site. This is your best deal and it gives you a printable copy to show anyone you wish. Go in through the application or credit button at the top of  the home page. When you have the credit report filled out check the option for a printable copy of the entire credit report with scores. Next have it sent to your email. Next copy and past and send the credit report to my email. I am certified to pull credit but this way it costs you less and does not count against you even one point.

E. Once you send both application and credit report for all adult  (18 years and older) buyers that will be living in the house to me call me Mark 770-480-0209.   This way I can process your applications immediately.

F.  If employers answer the phone and I get the information requested the process can take as little as two days. If they do not answer it can take two weeks. Tell them Mark will be calling to do an employment check so you can buy or Lease Purchase a Home in Georgia Today.

G.  We also check your background information. Do not worry. We strive to put you the buyer in the best situation you can safely afford. We are not realtors or mortgage bankers. We are Real Estate Problem Solvers and we help you solve your need for a good home. 

F.   We follow all the rules. We understand the Dodd Frank Act and the other rules necessary to provide you with the best service available today!

G.  There is more info about how a lease purchase works for you on the home page. This is all you need to get started to qualify for your new home in Georgia.

Thank you and we do appreciate the trust and confidence you place in us by allowing us to serve you.


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